Oh, by the way, all the new cars coming these days have an option of getting ABS fitted with them. But, what is ABS all about ?

ABS is an acronym for anti-lock braking system. First developed and patented in 1936, ABS is actually derived from the German term “antiblockiersystem.”

ABS brakes could help you to avoid an accident, thus, preventing you from being injured or even saving your life. The correct techniques for using them are almost the opposite of everything that most of us have been taught about emergency braking in cars.

You can’t skid when you brake (no matter, how hard) in an ABS car. This happens because a computer in the car senses the moment when a wheel is about to skid and momentarily releases the brake pressure. It then reapplies brake pressure until the wheel is about to skid again. The ABS system is capable of doing this up to 15 times per second, which is much faster than any driver can perform the same task.

When you apply the brakes hard in an ABS equipped car, the brake pedal will pulse up and down and the brakes will make a lot of noise. Don’t worry about these things. They indicate that the system is working properly.

So KEEP YOUR FOOT HARD ON THE BRAKE PEDAL till you avoid the obstacle.


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