Firefox F1

Oh, by the way, if you are a Firefox fan like me, or if you are not a Firefox fan because of the amount of memory it hogs, then here are some tips which can instantly make it look like a ‘tiny miny’ Firefox:

  1. Use fewer extensions.
  2. Make Firefox give up memory when minimized and take longer to un-minimize: go to about:config. Right click on blankness and tell it to make a new boolean. Call it config.trim_on_minimize , set it to true.
  3. Disable prefetch: go to about:config. Search for prefetch, you’ll find network.prefetch-next. Double click it to turn it false if it is on.
  4. Disable fast back and forward : about:config, search for viewers, find browser.sessionhistory.max_total_viewers, set it to 0 to disable fast back and forward.
  5. Limit the memory cache: about:config, new integer, browser.cache.memory.capacity, set it to the memory in KB you want to limit the memory cache to.
  6. Don’t use the firefox preloader.
  7. Don’t use adblock- uninstall it and use adblock plus.
Happy Firefoxing!!

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