Adobe AIR Linux Troubleshooting: Application not Installing

Here is a pretty common scenario you could face while installing an AIR application. Let me tell you a few things that you could try to fix it.

Scenario: You try to install an application, say TweetDeck, and it fails.

1. Make sure that you have the latest runtime installed on your system. If not, use the following link

2. Are you installing the application from browser (using AIR’s seamless installation feature)? If yes,  then please first remove the .macromedia folder from your home directory and then try again.

3.  Make sure that  Keyring (for GNOME) or Kwallet (for KDE) daemon is running on your system. Run the following commands to achieve the same:

* For GNOME:      ps -ax | grep gnome-keyring

* For KDE:             ps -ax | grep kwallet

If the above commands do not show the daemon running, please start it.

4. If nothing works till now, then generate the installation log and send it to me ( Use the following steps to generate the log:

a) Open a shell

b) Run:   touch .airappinstall.log

c) Run: Adobe AIR Application Installer  <complete path to AIR Application>

d) After it fails, read the contents of .airappinstall.log file and send it to me.

Hope this helps. Thanks.



  1. There’s another problem for Linux and AMD users.

    If you try to install an Adobe AIR application using the Adobe AIR Application Installer on a 64-bit AMD CPU (maybe 32-bit, too, I’m not sure, but definitely 64-bit) using any distro of Linux, you’ll get a “segmentation fault” and the log file will show nothing.

    It’s apparently a known issue as of last month, but the Adobe morons have no fix as yet.

    As usual, Adobe software blows…

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