Adobe AIR Linux Troubleshooting: Application not Installing

Here is a pretty common scenario you could face while installing an AIR application. Let me tell you a few things that you could try to fix it.

Scenario: You try to install an application, say TweetDeck, and it fails.

1. Make sure that you have the latest runtime installed on your system. If not, use the following link

2. Are you installing the application from browser (using AIR’s seamless installation feature)? If yes,  then please first remove the .macromedia folder from your home directory and then try again. Continue reading


Adobe AIR 1.5.1 Released

Adobe released its latest version (1.5.1) of AIR Runtime a couple of days back. It is a relatively minor update that includes a number of bug fixes. The new builds are available for Windows, Mac and Linux on the Adobe AIR download center.

You can find more details here:

As a part of the development team of AIR Linux, it was an amazing experience. For the first time, AIR Runtime was release simultaneously on all the three platforms – Win, Mac and Linux. I will keep posting about troubleshooting issues and other tips/tricks revolving around AIR.

Happy AIRing!! 🙂

Which phone is Smarter?

The smartphone market is growing by leaps and bounds as people start to realise what is possible with an internet connection and a powerful operating system in the palm of their hand. But despite the fact that Symbian’s operating system is used by 60 per ent of the world’s smartphones — most of which were sold by Nokia — upstarts like Apple and Google have pushed the established smartphone industry to evolve their software with the times.

Following are the smartphone efforts being carried out by different companies/foundations: Continue reading

Penguin Profits

Some people compare open source and free software to oxygen and water. These resources are all around us, and most of us are used to getting them for free. But there are still opportunities for people to make money by selling oxygen or water: Purify it, bottle it and deliver it, and it becomes a cash cow.

There are a couple of very nice articles which discuss about the ways in which you can make money with Linux. Instead of duplicating the information, I would prefer pointing you to the links (thanks to their authors):

Firefox F1

Oh, by the way, if you are a Firefox fan like me, or if you are not a Firefox fan because of the amount of memory it hogs, then here are some tips which can instantly make it look like a ‘tiny miny’ Firefox:

  1. Use fewer extensions.
  2. Make Firefox give up memory when minimized and take longer to un-minimize: go to about:config. Right click on blankness and tell it to make a new boolean. Call it config.trim_on_minimize , set it to true.
  3. Disable prefetch: go to about:config. Search for prefetch, you’ll find network.prefetch-next. Double click it to turn it false if it is on.
  4. Disable fast back and forward : about:config, search for viewers, find browser.sessionhistory.max_total_viewers, set it to 0 to disable fast back and forward.
  5. Limit the memory cache: about:config, new integer, browser.cache.memory.capacity, set it to the memory in KB you want to limit the memory cache to.
  6. Don’t use the firefox preloader.
  7. Don’t use adblock- uninstall it and use adblock plus.
Happy Firefoxing!!